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Behind The Scenes - how a drone light show is created

The popularity of drones is soaring and drone light shows, in particular, have redefined what entertainment in the sky looks like. Hundreds of drones are now lifting off in swarms to perform light shows in the night sky. But drone light shows are more than just mere entertainment — they’re a powerful demonstration of where drone swarm technology is today.

Are you curious to know how a dark night can be turned into a giant canvas in the sky? Let us take you behind the scenes and walk you through the process of how we at Dronisos create a show.


Step 1: It literally starts at the drawing board! Dronisos’ team of international visual artists sit with you to define the concept and the storyboard. The entire show is visualised on paper first before taking it digital.

Drone show design
The storyboard is sketched on paper

Step 2: The Dronisos choreographers bring the sketch to life using in-house 3D software.

Dronisos choreographers
Dronisos choreographers at work

Step 3: The drone light show is simulated on Dronisos’ purpose-built 3D viewer. This gives you the opportunity to experience the show from all angles through the many iterations of the creative process.

drone show simulator
The show can be viewed from all angles on the 3D viewer

Step 4: Dress rehearsal — after thorough testing, a full show rehearsal is conducted in one of Dronisos’ private airfields in Bordeaux, France.

Full rehearsal in Bordeaux before the show

Step 5:

The Dronisos team flies to the event destination and begins setting up for the show a few days prior to the event.

Final rehearsal on-site of the final show

Step 6:

It’s showtime! After weeks of preparation and testing, it’s time for Dronisos’ drones to put on a fabulous display and enthral the audience.

The final show!

Every drone light show is unique and Dronisos works closely with every client to paint their story in the sky.

We’d love to hear how you would choreograph a show if you were in charge. Tell us in the comments, and maybe we’ll invite you to design a show :)


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