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Remotely Piloted Drone Races


On the occasion of Viva Technology 2017, PMU is offering the chance to live an

extraordinary experience from its stand: drone races at the ParisLongchamp

racecourse, remotely piloted from the PMU Lab at Vivatech Porte de Versailles in

Paris. Piloting of drones at distance has never taken place before. This world-first

will take place with the support of French partners offering cutting-edge


From 15 to 17 June, PMU invites you to its stand where the drone races will be organised between 4 professional pilots installed in the PMU Lab. At a distance of 5 km from there, the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV quadricopters will be operating at the Paris Longchamp racecourse. The races will take place on the straight in front of the grandstands over a length of 100 meters, marked out with obstacles to make it as close as possible to the world of horse racing.

Each race will last between 1 minute 30 and 2 minutes.

They will be broadcast live on a giant screen at the PMU Lab, and therefore visible to all visitors.

  • On board each Parrot Bebop 2 FPV is a 14MP Full HD camera to provide a live broadcast of what the drone sees, and also to allow the pilots to perform their manoeuvres with precision. The images captured by each drone will also be visible to the public via the giant screens.

  • In addition, all the races will be filmed by a drone and by cameras on the ground, and the images will be broadcast at the PMU Lab on a giant screen.

Beyond the technological achievement on the occasion of Viva Technology, this experience is part of the innovation strategy pursued by PMU and the horse racing sector, which are working to renew the experience of betting and the sporting spectacle. Through the PMU Lab, its internal structure dedicated to innovation, PMU has put in place this world first by combining the most advanced skills and technologies from partners recognised for their expertise in the field, all of them part of La French Tech.

The growing development of drones and the various national and international competitions seem to be a significant asset in becoming an actor in this ecosystem. Some foreign betting operators are taking bets on races of this type, and PMU wants to become the benchmark for this in France.

How does remote piloting work?

Remote piloting drone race
The “remote” piloting of civilian drones is a world first

The Paris Longchamp racecourse

Currently being renovated, the ParisLongchamp racecourse, managed by France Galop, will reopen on 8 April 2018. It will be not only a racecourse but also a place for events, leisure, culture and innovation open to all. France Galop is very pleased to be associated with PMU for this operation and to welcome the world’s first remotely piloted drone race on the occasion of Vivatech.

Paris Longchamp Racecourse
Paris Longchamp Racecourse – Opening planned for April 2018

Drone race programme

1st race Thursday 15 June at 14:45.

Races throughout the afternoon of Thursday 15, then all day on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June.

How to follow the races outside of Vivatech

Live Stream on YouTube: https://youtu.be/80tf0lNDdCI

Twitter @_PMU


To organise this world first, PMU has teamed up with partners recognised in their fields, all of them French companies.

  • Dronisos: Race designer and developer of the remote piloting solution

  • Parrot: drone supplier (Bebop 2 FPV)

  • Orange Business Services: providing connectivity with a very high speed fibre link between Paris Longchamp and Vivatech

  • France Galop: providing the Paris Longchamp racecourse

  • GTHP: Audiovisual resources

  • ·GlobeCast: ensuring the capture and live broadcast of audiovisual and multimedia content

About PMU

PMU has always placed technological innovation at the heart of its strategy and has committed to an ambitious strategic plan, PMU 2020, which includes in particular a digital transformation component.

From the first bet placed by telephone in 1968 to digital touchscreen interfaces, from the Minitel to virtual reality, innovation has always been an essential part of our activity, to meet our customers’ expectations.

Today PMU, like all companies, must innovate as competition and customer expectations become ever stronger.

PMU has also embarked on a strategy of innovation and adaptation of its offer and its services in order to stimulate a strong dynamic for betting in France and to win over new customers.

Contact: Paolo ANTONIO, +33 6 88 29 80 63, paolo.antonio@pmu.fr

About Dronisos

Dronisos, based in Bordeaux and London, is a specialist in the creation of complete services based on autonomous drones.

Dronisos has taken part in numerous international drone shows, indoors and outdoors, using swarms of up to 100 drones. By using this same technological base, Dronisos provides automatic inspection solutions for industry, for the monitoring of pylons, solar power stations or construction sites.

At Vivatech, Dronisos is providing the system for remote piloting of the drones between the Longchamp racecourse and the Vivatech show. Dronisos is also putting on an automatic drone spectacle using the Bebop 2 from French

constructor Parrot.